Phillis Remastered [Honorée Fanonne Jeffers] is the author of three books of poetry:


The Gospel of Barbecue, Winner of the 1999 Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize

“Honorée Jeffers is an exciting and original new poet, and The Gospel of Barbecue is her aptly titled debut work. These poems are sweet and sassy, hot and biting, flavored in an exciting blend of precise language and sharp and surprising imagery that delights.” —Lucille Clifton

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Outlandish Blues

“‘Muse, a Lady Cautioning,” dedicated to Billie Holiday, demonstrates Jeffers’s ability, in this second collection, to create beautifully crafted, nuanced, ambivalent figures out of people who have become reified by myth or history.” —Publishers Weekly

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Red Clay Suite, Finalist of the 2006 Crab Orchard Open Competition

“Honorée Jeffers leads with her ear and follows with her rigorous intellect, then adds an emotional depth and fearlessness that make her poems uniquely powerful. This brilliant third book is a thinking woman’s blues that continues to challenge, delight, and terrify.”—Elizabeth Alexander

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